Real Brand’s mission is to build shareholder value through:

  • Distributing
  • Licensing
  • Acquiring
  • Developing…Consumer Products Brands

We exist to build great brands.

The acquisition of brand equity can often be just as difficult for a mature product as it is for a start-up. We provide the tools to identify your target audience, evaluate consumer needs, and ultimately deliver the most effective and concise message in promoting your product or service.


  • Public Company – Symbol: RLBD.PK
  • Formerly Global Beverage Solutions, actively brokering and distributing food and beverage products since 2007.

The Company has identified and continues to review brands that offer the following:

  • Strong and relevant brand positioning
  • Strong marketing properties or spokesperson
  • Evolutionary packaging design path
  • Established self-space in one or more markets
  • Sustainable and Scalable run rate
  • Ease of integration